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Our God: Proving the Existence of God by Rational Means (English)

About This Book

I have been asked to write a brief preface to the English translation of the book ‘Hamara Khuda’ or ‘Our God’ written in Urdu by my father, Hadrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (ra), when he was in the prime of his youth.

My deepest and abiding impression about my father centers around his total submission and unbounded love for Allah, the Holy Prophet (saw) of Islam and the Promised Messiah (as). It seemed as if his whole life revolved around them. In family
gatherings, particularly when addressing his children, he would narrate some story about each of his three loves and his eyes would be filled with tears through intense emotions. In my mind, I can see him now as if this happened only today, when
in fact the incidents relate to some 70 odd years ago. It is no surprise that this should be so, because of the total sincerity and utter devotion with which he addressed us.